The Robinson Ale House
26 Broad Street
Red Bank, NJ

Super Bowl Catering Menu

Each Item Serves 4-6 People [half pan]


Fried Zucchini ($45.00)
Buffalo Wings ($65.00)
Fried Pickles ($35.00)
Chili + Tortillas ($50.00)
Permesan Pretzel Sticks ($45.00)
Cheesesteak Spring Rolls ($50.00)


Garden ($35.00)
Caesar ($35.00)
Robinson ($45.00)


Mac + Cheese ($45.00)
Italian Sausange (Peppers + Onions) ($60.00)
Short Rib Bolognese ($65.00)
Baby Back Ribs ($65.00)
Chicken Fajitas ($70.00)


Plane Jane ($65.00)
American (Pickles) ($65.00)
Buffalo (Bleu Cheese) ($65.00)
Bacon (BBQ Sauce) ($65.00)

Assortment of Wraps

Turkey BLT, Corned Beef Reuben, Chicken Caesar
Wraps ($45.00)

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